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Welcome to all of our new members and, as always, thank you to everyone who continues to submit their wonderful work!

Now, onto business. I really do wish that I could hold a contest for this group, since there has been a lack of interactivity for some time. However, I have no prizes to give out and I also don't really have the time to do one because of school.

I would really love it if the Weekly Selections started up again, but like I said, I really don't have the time to be doing them because of school. If anyone would be interested in doing the Weekly Selections (check out some of our old ones), please note me!

That's all for now and if you have any suggestions for this group, please feel free to comment this journal or send me a note.
And remember, if you'd be interested in writing our Weekly Selections, note me please! :)

Thank you!
HugQueen Featured By Owner May 13, 2013   Writer
Hello! I just wanted to know if you're still looking for someone to help with your Weekly Suggestions? I'm trying to update the "Looking to help out the Lit Community?" section of my article, Love dA Lit which lists some open administrator positions in groups.

:heart: Stephany
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February 2, 2013